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What is KYC?

KYC (‘Know Your Customer’ or ‘Know Your Client’) is part of the broader concept of AML (‘anti-money laundering’), which involves a set of policies, laws and regulations aimed at combating generating income in a fraudulent way.  Money laundering and tax evasion are considerable crime threats both on national and international levels. Over the years the European […]

What is Electroneum?

Launched in October 2017, ElectroneumElectroneum Ltd. Registered in England and Wales: No. 10845797 Official website: electroneum.com is an exciting new cryptocurrency that has been designed to deliver super-convenient and instant P2P payments as well as to provide a real alternative to other existing and often prohibitively-technical cryptocurrencies. Electroneum makes it easy for everyone to accumulate, […]

What is a blockchain?

The idea of the blockchain was first conceptualized in 2008 and was first implemented in 2009 by “Satoshi Nakamoto”The identity of Satoshi remains unknown to this day.. It is the core element not only of the first and to date most well-known cryptocurrency network: Bitcoin, but of all other cryptocurrencies and other possible applications of […]